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What We Do
ACEMAPP provides clinical rotation management, student on-boarding, and document storage solutions through an easy-to-use and secure website.
Who We Help
We empower consortiums, clinical sites, schools, and communities to maximize clinical site opportunities during a time of declining budgets, security concerns, and time constraints.
How We Do It
ACEMAPP is the online tool that adapts to your existing collaborative process. We built ACEMAPP specifically to address the concerns from every stakeholder - including clinical sites, health systems, educators, students, and policy-makers.

Simplified Processes

ACEMAPP standardizes and organizes student clinical rotations through efficient online student matching and rotation approval system.

ACEMAPP certification and on-boarding tools eliminate repetitive pre-clinical instruction time and ensures compliance with HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens, and OSHA standards.

Collect and Use Data

Make important staffing and scheduling decisions through data collected in ACEMAPP. Custom reporting and visualization features give clinical sites and schools a real-time view of their clinical history and capacity.

Know which students and faculty are in which facilities at what times, to guide staffing needs and student clinical experiences.

Customer Service and Training

ACEMAPP supports users by creating high-quality training, education and support videos, and documents for our users. ACEMAPP contains an in-depth knowledge base which provides users with answers to their common questions.

In addition to providing support, ACEMAPP team members work with users to inform them of our development plans on new features and improved processes.

Manage Staff Turnover

Increasing staff turnover can lead to misunderstandings, duplicated efforts, and missed opportunities. ACEMAPP keeps information in one place and in one format, keeping employees in the loop and clinical rotations on track when key employees shift responsibilities.

What They're Saying…

ACEMAPP has allowed me to place cohorts based on days and shifts, and properly place education levels with the correct experiences.
Dana Blumenstein, St. Joseph Memorial Health System
Decreases the amount of personnel needed on the hospital end of managing the system.
Cheryl Barger RN, BSN, MS, Beaumont Health System
Amazing…hard to believe that only five people run the whole company
Michelle Bezeau, Mercy Memorial Health System